Property Managers in Greater Boston: Paint Touch-Up Services

Paint Touch Up Greater BostonOne of the best ways to streamline your efforts for commercial property maintenance in the Greater Boston area is to outsource painting services. Painting is used by property managers in a number of ways to help keep the property looking it’s very best. Full painting and touch-up services are used after Boston water damage services from a leak or weather-related incident. Make sure to hire a company like All Around Management that has experience working with this type of post-repair painting service.

These services are also used after a tenant moves out to prepare the unit for a new tenant. Painting and touch-up paint can also be hired out for existing tenants who have occupied the unit for many years. It is important to work with a team that is experienced with Massachusetts residential remodeling that is licensed and insured. This will help you to avoid many common problems associated with outsourcing for property managers in Greater Boston area.

Quality Matters

When you work as a property manager, it is important to make sure that the vendors you choose to handle commercial property maintenance provide quality services. Ultimately, you will be held responsible by the property owner and the tenant if things are not up to par. Choosing a painting company can be difficult. Massachusetts residential remodeling and renovations for rental or leased properties are in demand, so finding a team that is available when you need them is the challenge.

Many of our clients contract with us on a regular basis. We work with property owners and property managers in Greater Boston areas to provide touch-up painting, rent-ready painting services, and painting after repairs for water damage and other issues. Experience counts and quality matters when it comes to painting. You will want to make sure that the painting company uses the right colors and the best techniques to provide you with the most significant return on your investment.

Methods are Important

When you begin interviewing companies to provide you with assorted services for commercial property maintenance, it is essential to ask about their practices. For example, if all of the painting done at your properties was done with rollers and brushes, you won’t want to bring in a company that does spray work for touch-ups. Some companies will only use one method or the other, so it pays to ask. Find out how many workers they have and how available they would be if you need a quick turn-around for a rental property. Think of all the important issues that have affected you as property managers in Greater Boston area and make sure that the company you hire fits the bill.

Paint Waste Removal – Another area of concern for many property owners and property managers in Greater Boston area is how the paint waste will be taken care of by the painters. Sloppy services have been known to put paint down the drains, resulting in clogged drains and thousands of dollars in plumbing repair costs. Others will dump paint buckets and materials in trash bins that are not allocated for paint disposal, causing the property owner to be fined or forced to find another dump solution. Make sure you know the methods employed by the service provider before you hire them to do any work.

Protection for carpeting, flooring, and other areas of the property should also be considered and asked about before any work is done. Companies that are not very experienced or hire general handymen to do paint work will often make costly mistakes. Paint on light fixtures, wall switches, outlet covers, countertops, cabinetry, carpeting, wood flooring, ceilings, doors, and trim work can mean having to go back over everything again to strip paint, re-paint, or replace some items, as needed. Services like that won’t save you time and money; they’ll cost you lots of both! Ask for references from others who have hired the company for Massachusetts residential remodeling and commercial property maintenance.

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Contact All Around Management (AAM) to get a free estimate for any of the work that you need to get done. Whether you require extensive Massachusetts residential remodeling for your rental properties or if you simply need touch-up paint to get a unit move-in ready, give us a call. We are also trained and experienced in Boston water damage services, so we can help you get your property back into shape after a water-related incident. Property managers in Greater Boston area trust AAM to provide them with quality and reliable services. Give us a call at 617-435-6201 to schedule a walk-through to discuss pricing and estimates for your property.