Preventive Property Maintenance: Seasonal Services in Back Bay

seasonal maintenance back bayProperty owners and managers can stay on top of preventive maintenance services by scheduling seasonal property services in Boston and the surrounding area. While weekly and month services will probably still be needed for things like lawn care and on-site clean-up to keep everything looking professional, Back Bay seasonal maintenance is also essential. There are certain services that need to be done according to the seasons and, if scheduled in advance, it reduces the amount of micromanaging and stress that can come from taking care of a commercial or residential rental property.

Spring Seasonal Services

As the snow of winter melts away, there are certain tasks that must be done. An inspection of the roof and exterior areas of the property will reveal any damage that could have occurred while your property was covered in snow and ice. While gutter cleaning is definitely on the list for fall seasonal work, it should also be done again in the spring. Stray leaves, pine needles, twigs, and acorns dropped by scampering squirrels can cause gutters to clog up during heavy spring rains.

Sod and seed services are another popular Back Bay seasonal maintenance task, especially if you want a thick, lush lawn by summer. Clean up any dead or dying shrubs, get an inspection on the air-conditioning portion of the HVAC to ensure that it will be ready when the first hot day hits the Greater Boston area. Planting of new flowers, bushes, and trees can be done as soon as the ground allows, and spring clean-up should also be provided to remove any debris that found its way on the property during the winter.

Summer Seasonal Services

In the summer, everything moves a lot faster. Seasonal property services in Boston and the surrounding area can include inspections of plumbing, pest control, storage cleaning, and trash removal, as well as repair of hardscaping elements. This is a great time to inspect patios, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, and wood decks to make sure that nothing requires attention.

Any other outdoor features on a commercial property should also be checked and tended to during the summer. Swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor picnic areas, barbecue pits, fire pits, and activity areas are all common features at rental properties. If you have any areas that should be checked, repaired, and updated in any way, summer is a great time to get these preventive maintenance services completed in the Back Bay area.

Fall Seasonal Services

Preparing for winter can require a lot of work. Winterizing the outdoor water faucets and irrigation system should be at the top of your list, along with cleaning out gutters throughout the season to prevent clogs from forming. Consider installing a gutter guard system that will significantly reduce the amount of work you have to do in this area. Depending on the design of the property, this could be a definite time-saver for seasonal property services in Boston.

An inspection of the HVAC system and changing of all air filters, as needed, should also be scheduled for the fall. Take time to check any gas or wood-burning fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, and heaters for safe operation. Check the property for any air leaks that could cause a draft in the winter and have a handyman take care of caulking around all doors and windows as well.

Winter Seasonal Services

Not much can be done on the outside in the winter months. This is a great time for checking the interior areas of the property, including locks, doors, windows, showers, toilets, and electrical units. Inspect the roof throughout the winter for the possible formation of ice dams, icicles, and other seasonal hazards. Make sure that you have secured property maintenance in Back Bay that includes snow and ice management services to keep your property safe and reduce liabilities.

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