Greater Boston Maintenance: Get Vacant Properties Rent Ready

Before you can list and show a rental property after an existing tenant moves out, certain things need to be done to ensure that the apartment, condo or house is considered “rent ready” for the next tenant. It is important to make a good first impression when you show the property to prospective renters, which means that property managers need to take advantage of Massachusetts maintenance services to take care of any repair and removal in Boston and the surrounding area.

Unless you have the time and equipment to do the work yourself, it pays to rely on Greater Boston handyman services through All Around Management. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians can help you get the property rent ready and start your relationship off with the new tenant on the right foot. A well-cared for property encourages new tenants to treat the property with care, establishing a positive working relationship from the very first walk-through or tour of their new home. While there is always some work to do when a tenant moves out, there are three basic things that must be done to get rent ready.

Step One: Clean & Remove
The first step is to go through the vacated property to check off what needs to be done. Make a list of things that need to be repaired and then contact Massachusetts maintenance services through All Around Management to get the work done. Cleaning and clearing out anything that was left behind is also an important part of the process. Some tenants will leave a property better than they found it, while others will be in a hurry and leave a mess. While the security deposit should cover the cost, it can be frustrating when so much work needs to be done just to get the property rent ready. Property managers can count on comprehensive property maintenance services like All Around Management to take care of everything from cleaning to repair and removal in Boston and the surrounding area.

Step Two: Repair
Our team of Greater Boston handyman services technicians can help with light repairs and major remodeling work, depending on the needs of each property. Because we specialize in working with property managers, property owners, homeowners, and landlords, we understand what needs to be done to get the vacant property rent ready. Our team works with apartment complexes, condominiums, HOAs and single-family home rentals, so no matter what you need, we can provide you with the services required to prepare your property and establish a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

While some of your tenants will report every small issue during their lease agreement, others won’t report anything and leave you with a lot of repairs. Property managers need to know that they can count on Massachusetts maintenance services to come in and take care of the required repairs, no matter how big or small. Because we specialize in this type of work, we can work with you to assess the situation and may even discover some needed repairs that you might have missed during your first walk-through. This can be an extremely helpful service to busy property managers to ensure that all the repairs are completed before the next tenant moves into the property.

Step Three: Remodel
In some cases, especially when it comes to long-term residents, property managers may want to take this time of vacancy to make updates to the property. In addition to providing services for repair and removal in Boston and the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts area, All Around Management can provide a full range of remodeling services to our commercial and residential clients. Whether you want to do something simple, such as paint the interior or add fresh tile to the bathrooms, or if you want to do something more complex, such as update the kitchen and refresh the entire apartment or condo, our team can help you get the job done and provide you with professional results.

Call All Around Management in the Greater Boston Area
If you are working to get a vacant property rent ready for the next tenant and are in need of professional assistance, you can contact All Around Management at 617-435-6201. We have many years of experience working with property managers, property owners, and landlords to provide quality Massachusetts maintenance services, remodeling, and repair services. Give us a call to discuss your needs. We specialize in a broad range of property management, maintenance and remodeling services to help you protect your investment and attract quality tenants for your rental properties.